Kinder- und Hausmärchen

Brüder Grimm


Many adults still recall childhood encounters with Grimm’s Fairy Tales with a mixture of delight and horror. In a process resembling today’s open-source movement, the stories were brought together over two centuries ago by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm, from innumeral written and oral sources.
   Our poster, a snow shower on a dark night, ends with the ultimate cliffhanger. It is the single-line story of a boy who finds a golden key in the snow, then the box that goes with it, then finally the keyhole “so small that it could scarcely be seen”. But what is inside? The boy keeps his secret, but the reader who brings a little faith to the story, begins to form a notion …

→ Two-colour offset (black / oak leaf green)
→ Word count: 253,071
→ Typeset in 2.47pt Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough 

Price not including packaging and shipping

70 × 100 cm / German

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