Le Rouge et le Noir



“Truth, the bitter truth.” With this blunt epitaph begins Stendhal’s many-hundred-page work in which anything but the truth dominates. The author writes from the perspective of society at the time: all too dry and callous for the tastes of his contemporaries. Politics dominate the vain actions of his protagonists, who strive only money, power and a better social standing.
  The protagonist’s trial at the end of the story teaches a sorry lesson: that the uncompromising search for truth in life will be met only by persecution. Sad indeed, but 175,452 words on your wall, printed in red and black, is a sure-fire conversation starter. And that’s no lie. In the original French.

→ Two-colour offset (black / cramoisi)
→ Word count: 175,452
→ Typeset in 3pt Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough

Price not including packaging and shipping

70 × 100 cm / French

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