Nerds around the world love to celebrate March 14th as Pi Day. It’s a perfect opportunity to appreciate the mysterious world of infinite numbers, or, at the very least, pedantic analogies. For if you write the date just using digits, March 14th can be expressed as “3/14”.

But this year, 2015 offers a once-in-a-century chance to include two more decimal places: 3.1415. And at 9:26:53am you can extend the fun to 9 decimal places! Our Pi poster offers an overview of the first 1 million digits after the decimal point. Surely proof that we’re also nuts for this infinite, irrational monster of a number.

We’ve therefore decided to celebrate this Epic Pi Day with a week-long flash sale. We’re offering the value of Pi off all posters in our shop:

You save €3.14 per poster! Offer runs: March 14 — March 21