Frequently Asked Questions

We love talking to our customers about our posters. We especially enjoy the look on people’s faces when they see one for the first time. Over the last few years, some questions have been asked again and again. Here they are, along with our suitably entertaining answers.

An entire book on one poster? Are really all the words on it?
Yes. All of them. Really. There would be no fun in leaving any of them out. There is method to our madness.

Do you have to type in every word? How do you make them?
Thankfully, we do not have to type in every word. We download the texts from known sources. However, our work only begins there. We then spend dozens of hours meticulously typesetting the texts, imposing the same high demands on ourselves as we would if we were designing a real book.
     The source files we use were often digitised decades ago, before it was possible to encode common typographic marks, such as the «Guillemets», also known as French speech marks. Hence, we often have a lot of repair work to do. The irony of our posters is that the original digital text files were intended for use on e-books. In this sense, we rescue the texts from a very modern kind of typographic purgatory.

Are you supposed to read it?
If you wish to take up the challenge of reading one of our posters, we won’t stand in your way. Good luck to you. But we recommend a book if you are intent on some serious reading. Think of our posters as a big dish of snacks you can dip into now and then.

What is it for?
Our satisfied customers report that an All The World’s A Page poster, framed beautifully and hung on the wall, is an excellent conversation starter for when you have guests.

Why is the Pi poster in the English section?
Because we used a decimal point, rather than a decimal comma to separate the integer part of pi from the fractional part. However, since the United Kingdom is only one of 37 countries using this convention, it’s not exclusively English. Our apologies to Sweden, Uruguay, Germany, Bolivia et al.

Do you use a special kind of printer?
Our posters are printed on Heidelberg Speedmaster sheetfed offset printing presses. These gigantic machines weigh thousands of kilos are are unbelievably precise. So yes, they are special, but they are also an industry standard.

Do you also do print-on-demand?
No. We print in large runs only. See above.

I am an author. Could you print my book as a poster?
Respectfully, no. Our posters capture iconic texts which have entered the literary or scientific cannon, and are no longer under copyright. Feel free to call us in 70 years.

Art? Or design?
We see our posters as occupying a unique place between art and design. Maybe they are art, created with the sensibility of designers. Like art, they are open to interpretation. Like design, they are mass produced artefacts.

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