Don Quijote

Miguel de Cervantes

As the “Knight of the Rueful Countenance” he became world famous: a crazed daredevil from La Mancha tackling all manner of profane offences. Kitted out with an old suit of armour and a scrawny horse, he rides off into the world with his servant Sancho Panza, where he cuts his teeth in a series of deceptive challenges. But Quijote’s head is full of chivalrous romance, and the world has a different agenda.
   Packing de Cervantes’ excellent tale onto a single page may too resemble a foolish quest, but hung framed on your living room wall, you might feel a little heroic too. In the original Spanish.

→ Two-colour offset (black / steel blue)
→ Word count: 383,845
→ Typeset in 2.1pt Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough

Price not including packaging and shipping

70 × 100 cm / Spanish

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