The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin


We're proud to present the sixth London edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species, reproduced with fastidious – one might even say, scientific – attention to typographic detail. Even his tree-diagram showing the divergence of species has been patiently reconstructed at a size comparable to a first class stamp.
  In 1872, when this edition was originally published, Darwin arranged to have Origin made more affordable for the working population by reducing the size of type. Admittedly, we might have gone a bit over the top with our own efforts, but only went as far as was necessary.

→ Two-colour offset (black / Indian violet)
→ Word count: 198,941
→ Includes: 1 diagram; 1 explanatory table; glossary of terms
→ Typeset in 2.8pt Malaga
→ Printed on 150g Munken Pure Rough

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70 × 100cm / English

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